Youth Pickleball

Pickleball NB (PBNB) is committed to developing our sport within our youth community, beginning at elementary through grade 8 in our schools through to young adults.

PBNB is recognized as a leader by PC and we developed the only Francophone lesson plans for schools throughout Canada and our province.

Covid-19 has impacted our implementation of our programs in 2020.

We have distributed both English and French lesson plans to our school districts and were committed to demonstrate and implement these programs at three educational conferences this year. We were and still are all set to go once our schools open safely.

Our vision moving forward includes:

1. Pickleball will be available throughout our school systems and PBNB volunteers will assist with implementation .
2. We will work with Pickleball Canada (PCO) and regional corporate sponsors to provide equipment to our schools through pilot program donations and special educational pricing.
3. We envision a separate membership class for our youth welcoming them to enjoy the benefits of PCO.
4. We will develop a program of competitiveness and tournaments similar to Tennis Canada allowing separation from adult programs and participation in open adult programs.

Our challenges

1. Establishing a network of volunteers around the province to help us with
implementing youth programs in schools/universities.
2. Volunteers to help us build open tournaments for all ages – bringing
together our top youth competing with our top Adult/Masters players.
3. Approaching our Regional Corporate entities and inviting them to sponsor
youth initiatives, as they do in hockey, soccer, and other sports.

If you want our youth to enjoy and join our sport please contact us as this position is currently open with our board.