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Pickleball Friends

The Atlantics Pickleball Tournament will be held in Fredericton on May 29, 30 & 31, 2020.  The tournament will be hosted by the Fredericton Pickleball Club (FPC) and it is open to all pickleball players.

See attached poster which was made to announce the tournament and not provide all the tournament details. For Atlantics tournament details go to the Information Page on PickleballTournaments.com.

Registration for the Atlantics is with PickleballTournaments.com and is now open!  I know some of you have already registered but please continue to spread the word.  Thanks.

A couple of significant changes this year:

1. This is a Pickleball Canada sanctioned tournament.  For a Regional tournament like this it means that all medal matches require a referee.  This will be a challenge for us as we don’t have a lot of Referees here in Fredericton.  Therefore, we are asking for help.  If you are at least a Level 1 Referee – Scorekeeper, please volunteer to referee games at the Atlantics when you register.  More details to follow.

2. This is a 3 day tournament:

 (a) Singles on Friday, May 29.

 (b) Doubles on Saturday, May 30.

 (c) Mixed on Sunday, May 31.

3. We modified the age brackets for both Divisions 1 and 2. See attached poster.

We also have a block of hotel rooms reserved at the Radisson Kingswood Hotel & Suites at 41 Kingswood Way, Hanwell, NB, E3C 2L4, (506) 206-6270.   This is a beautiful brand new hotel and they gave us significantly reduced room rates at $119 per night and they are only 5 minutes from the venue.  You will definitely not be disappointed.

I hope to see you in Fredericton at the end of May.


Alden Briggs

FPC President at Atlantics Tournament Director


Saint John Tournament


Pickleball Saint John and KV Pickleball Club are pleased to bring Pickleball to the East Coast Games http://www.eastcoastgames.ca/pickleball/ for the first time June 20-21. 2020. We will be having Mens, Womens, and Mixed events, each with a 60+ and a 59 and under category. The cost will be $25 for one event and $40 for two events. Payment will be collected at the venue on the day of the event (cash only).

To register, please visit: https://forms.gle/MU9cmatX2q1MtdqV9 – Registration deadline is May 15, 2020. Each team member must register separately.
If you have any questions, please contact pickleballsaintjohn@gmail.com

Thank you,
Pickleball Saint John and KV Pickleball Club


 Code of Conduct

Through its scheduling of activities, Pickleball NB  strives to meet the following key goals:

  • Provide a safe environment for a health-related activity that provides a physical workout through an activity that promotes cardio exercises.
  • Provides a fun-related activity that can be enjoyed by all skill levels.
  • Provides a social-related activity to build friendships, camaraderie and fellowship.
  • Provide developmental-related activity for those who wish to learn and improve.
  • Provides a challenging activity for individuals who wish to compete at the highest level.

To achieve these key goals, it is imperative that the members, guest and tournament participants abide by a Code of Conduct during play. As such, the following guidelines shall be put in practice at all times during  routine and tournament activities.

  • Good sportsmanship shall always be on display. 
    • Be respectful of the skill levels of all players through positive reinforcement.
    • Be respectful of others play by waiting for break to move across a court, not distracting your opponents during play, and warning when unsafe situations arise such as ball on court or player safety issues.
    • Good-natured ribbing and taunts shall be limited in nature, with no ill-natured remarks.
    • Ensure your guest is well informed of Club rules of play and Code of Conduct.
  • Profanity, or any form of abuse, towards others is not permitted.
  • Club and venue equipment is not to be abused, as well as handling of personal equipment (e.g. paddles) shall be used to ensure the safety of others at all times.
  • Safe and proper attire including proper footwear and personal equipment shall be used at all times. This includes non-offensive logos, designs and phrases on attire and proper sneakers design for the court being used at the time.
  • Impairment due to alcohol or other substances shall not be tolerated.

Failure to follow the full intent of this Conduct of Conduct will result in disciplinary action taken by the any NB Pickleball Club Executive. This disciplinary action can range from a simple discussion of the matter at hand, to a warning, suspension or revocation of a Pickleball New Brunswick membership.

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