Pickleball NB (PBNB) plans to establish a Provincial Tournament Committee (PTC) chaired by Director of Tournaments. The intention is to have representation on the PCT from each Region in NB.

The primary focus of the PTC is to establish an annual provincial Tournament in New Brunswick starting with a tournament in 2021. This provincial pickleball tournament will determine the best pickleball players in NB for all age levels.

The PTC will establish the NB provincial tournament criteria, a fair process for the selecting the host location, when the tournament is to be held and how the tournament is to be run.

Another duty of the PTC is to assist in the coordination of all pickleball tournaments in NB. This includes Local, Regional and National tournaments. The intention here is to promote as many pickleball tournaments as possible and prevent scheduling conflicts.

The PTC will not dictate how to run a tournament as the host Tournament Director has that responsibility. Rather, the PTC will offer a set of core principals and best practises that will make all NB pickleball tournaments fair and fun for all participants.

The PTC plans to use Pickleball Canada (PCO) documentation as well as material of their own to provide support and guidance on how to run a tournament to existing and new pickleball clubs that are registered with PBNB.