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Tournaments sponsorship

Tournaments Sponsorship

Any affiliated club may request a sponsorship of $250 for the organisation of a tournament up to a maximum of $2500 per year. A sponsorship of $500 will be given to the host of the Provincial championship and Atlantic championship(every 2 year). The club would have to post a banner that will be provided by the Director of Tournament to announce the sponsorship.

A maximum of 10 tournaments will be choosen on a “first come, first serve” formula.  An affiliated club can ask for a maximum of 1 request per year. The club must also follow the criteria:

-Tournament must be opened to all NB players

-Tournament must have at least 60 players registered

-Tournament must be posted on the Pickleball NB website

A club may be asked to refund the sponsorship if these criteria are not followed.

To request the funds, you may fill out the form on the Event pages.

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