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Tournaments Ressources


1. NB Tournaments

Another duty of the tournament director is to assist in the coordination of all pickleball tournaments in NB. This includes Local, Regional and National tournaments. The intention here is to promote as many pickleball tournaments as possible and prevent scheduling conflicts.

The director will not dictate how to run a tournament as the host Tournament Director has that responsibility. Rather, he/she/it will offer a set of core principals and best practises that will make all NB pickleball tournaments fair and fun for all participants.

The director plan to use Pickleball Canada (PCO) documentation as well as material of their own to provide support and guidance on how to run a tournament to existing and new pickleball clubs that are registered with PBNB.

Upcoming Tournaments & Events

2. Tournament Kit

PBNB has purchased a set of boards for the North, South, West, and East. This includes all of the round robin boards and double elimination charts you will need to use when running a tournament.  Any PBNB affiliated club may request a loan of these boards for their event. To request the board you may contact:

North: Gabriel Fournier Email:

Fredericton: Ruth Henry Dickinson Email:

Moncton: Natasha Bourque Email:

Saint John: Kumar Raghav Email:

3. Tournament Sponsorship

Any affiliated club may request a sponsorship of 250$ for the organisation of a tournament. The club would have to post a banner that will be provided by the Director of Tournament to announce the sponsorship.A maximum of 10 tournaments will be choosen on a “first come, first serve” formula.  An affiliated club can ask for a maximum of 1 request per year. The club must also follow the criteria:

-Tournament must be opened to all NB players

-Tournament must have at least 60 players registered

-Tournament must be posted on the Pickleball NB website

A club may be asked to refund the sponsorship if these criteria are not followed.

To request the funds, you may fill out the form on the Event pages.

4. Other helpful ressources





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