MAY 22/2020:



June 5, 2020 There are 2 outdoor Public courts at the Qplex in Quispamsis.  The Qplex is on Randy Jones Way.  They can contact the town of Quispamsis if they have any questions.

Saint John Area

Port City Pickleball club , does not have any scheduled outdoor pball. As for indoor play, the vast majority of club play would normally have ended play around end of April/mid May, as folks transition to golf, cottages/tennis etc for the summer…however a small group of folks does play a little indoor pball all summer….Once we are allowed to play indoor pball….hopefully next week…we will/hopefully start a very limited play schedule. The limited play will be scheduled only, no drop in play is allowed …that holds true to all of our yearly play really….it is all only scheduled play…and is even more so with COVID this year…It is still to be confirmed re whether if/when we will start indoor play

St- Isidore

Et aujourd’hui nous avons rajouté une mise à jour La deuxième partie de la phase jaune nous permet d’avoir plus de joueurs sur les terrains.Donc nous allons ouvrir 4 Terrains en tout et avoir 2 responsables.Un responsable pour les terrains 1 et 2 et un autre responsable pour les terrains 5 et 6.Le groupe de joueurs des terrains 1 et 2 devront débuter une demi-heure avant le groupe des terrains 5 et 6 pour éviter un trop grand nombre de joueurs à l’entrée des terrains.Ceci entrera en vigueur à partir de dimanche.


We are happy to inform you that PB will be starting in Dieppe at Mathieu Martin school on Monday,June 8 at 6 pm.Our scheduled times will be Monday and Wednesday at 6 pm and Friday morning from 9 am to 12 pm. Cost will be $3.00 and we ask that you bring the correct change as we want to eliminate handling money.We can also take your name each time you come and bill you at the end of the Summer.We will have to practice social distancing at all times,on and off the courts.Bring your chairs and set them 6 ft apart (unless you are bubbling with someone) on the outside of the courts.Be extra careful with distancing as you move on and off the courts.Before you set foot on the courts,you will need to sanitize your paddle and your hands.Bring wipes and hand sanitizer.We will have some available,however it is good practice to bring your own as these items are not always easy to find.Club balls will be sanitized before we start playing.Try to handle them as little as possible. Personally,I will use my hand sanitizer every time I come off the courts.These procedures could change at any time,as we follow the guidelines issued by the province.Be aware that a port a potty will not be made available to us this Summer.To play in Dieppe,you need to have insurance coverage by being a member of PBNB. Cost is $10.00 for 12 months. Also remember that because of the Covid-19 situation, you are playing at your own risk.


At the present time the only courts available are outside at Wentworth Park and Patricia Park. There are three courts lined at each park. One is shared with tennis. The other two are back to back with no nets provided and have to be shared with basketball and ball hockey. If you want to bring your own nets for these courts you are welcome. If both of the two courts are being used, you may want to bring an extra net or barrier to separate the two courts for safety and convenience. Please follow the rules that are listed and use the hand sanitizer often. Wear masks coming in or when you can’t be 6 feet apart. Your partner should be within your family or close friend bubble. Please use your own ball when serving and do not handle others but send back by lifting or tapping with paddle. Sanitize your paddle handle and ball after each match. Bring your lawn chair and wait outside to play if more than 10 people in the court areas.

We are in negotiations with the town to getting Gunningsville ready for play again. New permanent posts and nets will eventually be installed this summer, we hope.