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NCCP-Pickleball Coaching Program

The Coaching Association of Canada‘s National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP), offers instructor/coach certification courses across Canada in order to benefit pickleball communities in every province and territory. By investing time, effort and resources into coach education, this program actively contributes to the growth of the sport on a national scale while also following important safeguarding best practices as established by the Coaching Association of Canada.

Listing of certified coaches in Canada:

Sign up for a training session:

Access to your Pickleball Coach Education Webpage:

PBNB is presently looking for volunteer to fill in the Director of Coaching’s position that will be in charge of the training and managing of other coaches throughout the province. If you are interested to participate in the growth of pickleball in the province, you may contact Alden Briggs at:



If you are interested in giving your time to help the growth of pickleball and become a coach, please fill out the form below