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“Clash of the Ages Pickleball Challenge”

Just a heads up!!

Port City Pickleball Club in Saint John will be looking at hosting a unique style tournament in January (3rd Saturday of the month but date to be finalized)
“Clash of the Ages Pickleball Challenge”
Following will apply;
3 Divisions:
The unique part is that each team must have 1 player 60 and over and 1 player under 60.
This will ensure that all teams are somewhat equal both in ages and skill level. The object is to take players out of their comfort zone (ie…regular partner and competition division levels). Clubs often send teams together to tournaments but perhaps in this format some players may be required to team up with other players from away if they are unable to meet the requirements from their home clubs.
NOTE: At this point the tournament is not finalized and is not 100% a sure thing.
We are looking for feedback both positive and negative and will make a final decision with a finalized tournament date etc…… by December 21.
January can be a horrible travel month with snow storms, ice etc.. and this is one of my concerns.
Mark LeBlanc

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Are you a Power Player of a “Banger”. Which one are you (really)?

On Pickleball Radio this week, Mark Renneson and top player Matt Staub discuss playing a power game with Chris, and what sets it apart from the traditional banger’s approach.

click here to listen

Êtes-vous un joueur de puissance d’un «Banger». Lequel êtes-vous (vraiment)?

Sur le «pickleball radio» cette semaine, Mark RENNESON et un des meilleur joueur Matt Staub discuteront de jouer jeux de puissance avec Chris, et ce qui le distingue de l’approche traditionnelle d’un «Banger».

Cliquez ci-haut pour écouter l’émission

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