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Membership Benefits

Membership benefit

By being an active member of Pickleball New Brunswick, you have access to the following benefits:

1. Insurance coverage

All active members of Pickleball NB and Pickleball Canada have access to an insurance coverage for sport accident and commercial general liabilty. For more information on the coverage you may visit Pickleball Canada website or click the link below:

2. Peferred rate for accommodations in Atlantics

PBNB is a member of Sport NB which allows you, as an active member of Pickleball NB, to take advantage of preferred rates at certain hotels. Sport NB has a partnership agreement with Innvest Hotels. For more information you may contact:

3. Rebate to your local affiliated club

Each year, Pickleball NB is giving back $3 to your local affiliated club from the 5$ you pay for your registration to PBNB and Pickleball Canada. This money helps your local club with court maintenance and/or covering the costs of activities (purchase of balls, replacement nets, organizing clinics etc.)

4. Pickleball Canada Newsletter

Active members receive E-newsletter by email from Pickleball Canada to help them stay informed of all current updates in pickleball.

5.  Sanction event and Canadian Tournament Player Rating

All active members of Pickleball Canada and Pickleball NB are eligible to participate in sanction events. They will also have access to a Canadian Tournament Player Rating which is an Universal Official Canadian Rating system. 

6. Stay informed in both English and French

Active members are being the first informed of any updates and receive advanced notice of upcoming tournaments and training clinics to take advantage of our early registration benefits in both English and French. 

7. Help grow the sport in NB

Because you love pickleball, your membership increases the number of collective voices that are committed to the growth of Pickleball and supports the development of facilities for recreational and tournament players across the province and across the country

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