PBNB Board Member



Raymond Cyr
Director of Referees
When did you first start playing? I moved to New Brunswick in 2018 and was mesmerized by the sport and started playing with the Dieppe club in the fall of 2018.
What do you love most about playing? The varied facets of the game playing soft, fast and using lobs or other shots to trick your opponent. I also enjoy the social aspect and friendship created from playing different players. I truly believe the sport will grow exponentially once more people get familiar with it. In addition, I see many people from different backgrounds and ability enjoying themselves playing the game meaning the sport is here to stay for a very long time having its roots expand reaching even more people. I have not met anyone who does not enjoy this game once they have tried it. They may exist however I haven’t met them yet.
What is your top priority in your role for PBNB? I want to see fair play and to borrow a quote from someone at USA Pickleball : having referees apply the rules of Pickleball versus enforcing it leads to having a sport with more fair play. Having more trained referees at all levels is my top priority and more players knowing the rules of the game can only have a positive effect on the sport and make the game more enjoyable. One time, someone told me that in general the “pros” usually keep playing the balls that are close to the line more often that recreational players thus eliminating many controversies and the escalation of the mentality of, “If you're going to call those balls out then we will too”. The more people enjoying the game can only bring more attention to it and by default bring all kinds of benefits to follow : health, spirit, sponsors, Olympic medals, and friendships with the knowledge of knowing how to really “play” Pickleball.