PBNB Board Member



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Marie Camille Roussel
Director of Marketing & Strategy
When did you first start playing? May 2020
What do you love most about playing? I love the fact that you get to meet new people. It's a really fun sport and you can bring you paddle and play anywhere. It does not take a lot of places in your luggage. Pickleball is like a family and I like the energy and good vibes coming from everyone playing. I tried it a year ago and got addicted to it. I was never a born athlete but I am proud of the accomplishment I was able to acheive in my first year of play.
What is your top priority in your role for PBNB? I really want to enhance the visibility of PBNB throughout the province. I want to try to get in touch with every group and support them but also promote them. I want to inform the members of what is going on in the province. I want to work hand in hand with every director and regional representative to reach new goals and develop programs that will make New Brunswick be the best place to play pickleball in Canada.