PBNB Board Member



Lisa Weir
When did you first start playing? I started in 2017. As I was working out with weights at the Y, I would look down into the gymnasium and see people playing this sport I didn't recognize. Eventually, curiosity got the better of me and I went down and tried it. What I found were extremely welcoming people with a passion for this game they called Pickleball. I played twice with a wooden YMCA paddle and immediately bought one of my own online and haven't looked back since!
What do you love most about playing? There's so much to love about this sport but I'll start with the most obvious...the people! It's a sport of very welcoming folks who are genuinely passionate about teaching others and bringing people into the game. I also love going to tournaments to meet and play against new people. It's a win-win; you get to meet some great new people and your game inevitably gets better when you play against a variety of other players with different styles. I love that the game is inclusive and you see children playing right on up to folks in their 90s! There is everything from strategic, carefully manipulated placement shots to massive overhead slams - there is something for everyone, no matter your style.
What is your top priority in your role for PBNB? My top priority is obviously to grow the sport in New Brunswick through our committee work and initiatives but one of my other high priorities is dispelling the myth that this sport is just for older people. They have just been the smartest ones to really buy in to this wonderful sport! I want people to know that there are people of all ages playing at all levels. If you want to play recreationally for fun, it's there; if you want to compete at a highly competitive level amongst those in your own age and skill categories, those opportunities are there as well. One of my other main passions is increasing the image and the visibility of the sport through ongoing communication via our website and social media channels.