PBNB Board Member



Alden Briggs
Dir. of Tournaments and Referees
When did you first start playing? 2016
What do you love most about playing? Everything! Pickleball is fun, competitive, great exercise and a very social sport. My favourite sports have always been the racquet/paddle sports so pickleball was perfect for me. I have made many new friends all because of pickleball and I look forward to playing whenever I can.
What is your top priority in your role for PBNB? I want to help make New Brunswick the best place to play pickleball in the world!! I would like to see more NB tournaments in place leading up to a Provincial tournament. I would also like to assist any NB pickleball club that wants to host a tournament with information such that they can produce the best tournament experience possible for the players. Not all tournaments have to be the same, but there should be a certain core consistency. On Refereeing, I plan to implement a province wide program such that PBNB in conjunction with Pickleball Canada can train and certify a sufficient number of NB Referees to host a major sanctioned tournament where all games must have a Referee.